What should be in Seo service

What is seo, What are the requirements for seo?

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What are the requirements for seo?

What should be in Seo service

What is seo?

Seo is to optimize websites for search engines. SEO is among the most popular 3-letter words in the world. There are millions of articles on seo in Google. We have prepared a list of seo needs according to seo experts. What should be in Wp Seo service?

  • Technical Seo
  • Installing Google Web Master Tools tools (Search Console, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica)
  • Solving Googlebot scanning problems
  • List of topics that need to be optimized for SEO
  • Correct URL redirects (301, 302, 404 url redirects)
  • Configuring the required url for SEO
  • Title, Meta description, SEO compatibility of H tags
  • Robots.txt and sitemap evaluation, Analysis of the site in terms of technical infrastructure and coding
  • Analysis of design in terms of seo
  • UI and UX User Interface Design, Ideas about user experience.
  • In-Site SEO
  • Detailed keyword work
  • Keywords usage places
  • Analysis of the quality of contents
  • Google seo guidelines, seo compatible content preparation training
  • Duplicate-copy content detection
  • Determination of poor quality pages and articles
  • Title and correct use of subheadings
  • Using image, video, infographic (multi-media) in content
  • Producing content that can be shared more on social media
  • Landing page content preparation
  • Adapting categories to SEO structure
  • Adapting the products to the SEO structure
  • Local Seo (company directory, google contacts, google business guides)
  • SEO compliant in-site link construction
  • Adapting targeted pages to SEO structure
  • Linking anchor text between posts, construction of in-site link network
  • Organizing blogs in accordance with seo
  • Correction of site speed and optimizations
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Seo is important for blog sites as in other sites. What are your suggestions about this?

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