Websites Where You Can Purchase WordPress Themes

Which are the best websites to buy WordPress themes

Websites Where You Can Purchase WordPress Themes

Places where you can get WP themes

Where to get WordPress themes

There are many domestic and foreign theme developers for WordPress. Some of these sell their own themes on their own websites and some of them use theme marketplaces to sell their WordPress themes. You can easily get WordPress themes from the WordPress theme marketplaces that we have listed below.

WP theme markets

We have explained purchasing WordPress Themeforest theme before. Now, we will be listing the places that sell WP themes. We can put Themeforest.net on top of this list as it is worldwide known. Currently, there are 11.560 WordPress themes on Themeforest for sale. Theme developers all around the word put their themes on sale here.

Where To Buy Best Quality WordPress Themes

Among them, there are globally known developers, such as Avada [more than 459.226 sold currently], who has successfully sold hundreds of thousands of themes. And also, there are some developers who have never sold a theme or just sold 1. Every new client, every sale and any theme, even if it hasn’t been sold even once yet, is providing incredible entrepreneurship experience in the WordPress theme sector.

Themeforest WordPress Themes

Not every theme developer can sell themes on Themeforest. Themes are tested in terms of design, coding, reliability etc. The themes that are in line with the regulations and that are approved are put on sale. The themes of the theme developers who doesn’t provide support are not listed. There is an advanced live preview, trial, comment and feedback systems for themes and products. This way, purchasers can test these themes live, read the comments of previous purchasers and report the problems that they experience. The rights of both theme developers [whether it’s an individual or a company] and purchasers are protected. For this reason, it is the most popular, most reliable WordPress theme marketplace. It is currently the largest WordPress theme market in the world. Where to buy best wordpress themes?

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Top WordPress Theme Marketplaces to Find the Best Themes

Themeforest is the WordPress theme marketplace that provides the widest range of themes in Business, Agency, Advertisement, News, Blog, Magazine, Real Estate, Sports, Cars and other categories.

Themeforest WordPress Theme Prices

In Themeforest, WordPress theme prices have a range of 10-69$. Bestselling, high-quality, highly functional themes are usually sold for 49-59$. On the first days of each month, you can download certain themes, plugins and products for free. You can get great deals on WordPress themes by following the discounts and sales.

There are many great developers who are making sales on their own websites due to high commission rates of Themeforest. In another article, we might list WordPress theme developers who make multiple theme sales on their own websites. Below, we have listed the WordPress theme marketplaces where you can purchase WordPress themes besides Themeforest.

Where you can get themes besides Themeforest

Best WordPress theme marketplaces

11 Sites where you can buy a best WordPress Theme

1. Mojomarketplace.com

Mojomarketplace, which creates themes for niche areas that focuses on certain sectors such as conferences, events, design and fashion, also provides custom-made theme designs for you. They also provide live theme support. Theme prices vary between 19-59$. The website lists approximately 2.000 themes. It is easier to publish and sell themes on this website when compared to Themeforest.


2. Creativemarket.com

Another great theme marketplace that has almost 5.000 WordPress themes is Creativemarket. They also sell themes for content management systems such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Bootstrap, Opencart, etc. There are also some products about Graphic Design, Photography, Fonts and Plugins for sale. The products are usually priced between 15 and 65$.

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3. Templatemonster.com

It is a theme marketplace that cares about user experience and prioritizes customizable themes. It is one of the oldest theme marketplaces.


4. Themepalace.com


5. Mythemeshop

It is one of the theme marketplaces that has thousands of users all over the world and that provides a great number of themes on various categories. They only develop products for WordPress. They sell WordPress themes, wp plugins and custom software solutions.


6. Elegantthemes

Eleganthemes, the creator of “Divi”, the versatile theme that allows thousands of different designs, is one of the WordPress theme developers that have hundreds of themes on their portfolios. Eleganthemes, which also develops WordPress plugins besides themes, has gained worldwide recognition as a theme marketplaces thanks to “Divi”.


7. Studiopress

One of the best theme developers for WordPress, and a business partner of Automattic, the developer of WordPress; Studiopress has high-quality themes. Studiopress, the creator of “Genesis” that has the highest SEO ratings in the world, provides themes for various sectors. As Studiopress offers an advantageous membership system, you can own all of the themes with annual payments.


8. Themeisle

Themeisle is a WordPress theme sales website, which is known for its one-page, personal blog and corporate themes. You can download about 50 high-quality yet free WordPress themes on the website. It is one of the oldest theme developers that well-known websites also work with.


9. Themefuse

Another theme developer that has provided many wp free themes to the market is Themefuse. Themefuse, which provides many high-quality themes, is one of the oldest theme markets for WordPress.

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Another theme marketplace where you can get WordPress themes is Themejunkie. They have been selling themes with high visual quality for many years.


11. Sketchthemes.com

Where to get WordPress themes; Another portal that contains great themes in various categories is sketchthemes.com.

Which one do you prefer? we can add recommendations.



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