Our Services


1. Complete Blog Building

blog-servicesWe deliver turn-key blog after building it from scratch. If you want a professional to do all domain, hosting, design, SEO, social media, security, etc. works, and only focus on content and income, this is the right service for you.

  • We offer these services for blog building:
  • Choosing the topic of the blog [What will your blog be about? Ideas & Consultancy]
  • Deciding on which blog platform to use [WordPress & BlogSpot & Medium & Tumblr]
  • Domain name purchase [Purchasing domain for the blog from domain companies with discount]
  • Hosting purchase [Purchasing hosting for the blog from hosting companies with discount coupons]
  • Theme purchase [Purchasing any theme that you like on themeforest.net or any other website with discount coupons]
  • Creating WordPress blog – Hosting configuration [Database, cPanel, etc.]
  • Configuration of basic WordPress settings. [Link structure, clock, language, URL, etc.]
  • Installation and configuration of the WordPress plugins for the current versions: Cache, SEO, Social Media, Security, etc.
  • WordPress theme installation. Application of the theme that you like to the website.
  • Image scaling, speed configuration of your WordPress theme.
  • Registering your blog to Google and other search engines. Configuring Google Webmaster Tools (search console).
  • Installing Google Analytics and configuration of its settings to allow you to monitor daily visitor behavior.
  • Connecting the social media accounts of your blog, establishing social media sharing settings.
  • Creating obligatory pages for your blog (contact, about us, copyright, advertisement, privacy, opposition to law, etc.)
  • Your turn-key blog is delivered in 1 week. You only manage your content and not think about anything else.
  • [Domain and hosting fees are included.]
  • Theme price is not included.

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2. SEO Services


Whether it is a product, a service, a personal blog, a company, a new firm or a world-famous brand, all of them wants to be visible on the Internet according to their goals. There are 1 805 260 010 websites in the world. 171 648 771 of these websites are active. You can check out detailed researches and live numbers from here. It may seem difficult to attract visitors among billions of websites. However, it is possible with a user-friendly design, high-quality custom content that provides value and an accurate search engine optimization (SEO). You can check out our SEO services hereBuy now!

3. E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Consultancy

e-ticaret-advisor-servicesWe offer consultancy for e-commerce websites, marketplaces, social media, sales-marketing, product entry and category management. You can get consultancy from our certified experts who have over 5 years of experience in e-commerce. For more information about e-commerce or digital marketing consultancy, please send a message.

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4.Finding Brand & Catchphrase & Domain Name

brand-servicesIf the name of brand, company, blog or website is not yet determined, you can utilize our branding and domain name finding services.

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5. Logo Design

logo-servicesWe design high-quality, professional logos that are suitable for your brand after getting your opinions. After discussing how your logo should be, we provide 5 design examples and we finalize the design of your logo through the example that you like. Reference logo designs: notdefteri.net, vetrehberi.com, iyifiyat.com.

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6. Website Speed & Optimizations

site-speed-servicesWe accelerate your slow-loading page according to Google Page Speed, Gtmetrix or Pingdom results. We optimize your images. We resolve all of the issues that cause your website to slow down, one-by-one.

7. SSL Installation & Moving to https

ssl-plugin-servicesGoogle has prioritized the SSL certificates for search results and tagging websites as secure & not secure with it. For this reason, the SSL certificate is much more important for your website now. We move your WordPress blog from http:// to https:// without losing SEO or any other problems.

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8. Content Creation

content-marketing-servicesWe create visually rich, 100% Google SEO compatible content that will attract visitors and increase the duration of their visit. We have various methods for content creation, depending on the demands and sector of our customers. This is what we do throughout the process:

  • We are attentive to make informative, educational content. [see example content]
  • On demand, we create intriguing content in story teller style. [see example content]
  • We love to use statistics and numbers. [see example content]
  • We support the content with infographics when necessary. (On demand)
  • To increase the readability of the content, we use listed contents. [see example content]
  • We use the best images that is suitable with the nature and the story of the content at the right places.Buy now!

9. Making Infographics

infographic-servicesWe make custom-made infographics for your brand, product or your website content. The average infographic delivery time is 1 week.

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10. Video Content Creation

video-content-servicesWe offer services for creating video content/intro for your brand, product or your website. Our video content services divide into two categories as story-telling and product-service promotion. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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11. WordPress Consultant & Blog Advisor

wordpress-consultant-servicesWe offer WordPress consultancy from A to Z about WordPress, which is the most popular blog creating platform that is being used by many world-famous websites. You can also make use of our WordPress blog coach services to have a special coach for your blog.

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