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How to Make a WordPress Site Step-by-Step Guide 20193 min read

A Guide for Creating a Wp Blog Step by step for beginners 2019

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Create a Website Step by Step

WordPress for Beginners 2019

How to Make a WordPress Site Step-by-Step Guide 2019

WordPress, the owner of the title “the most popular management system (CMS)”, provides services for creating free blogs for the bloggers. With WordPress, you can create a free start wp blog within a few minutes and reach millions of people. Build Your WordPress Website step by step guide

In this article, we will explain How to create a WordPress blogin 7 steps with screenshots. In a way, we will be creating a step-by-step guide for creating a WordPress blog.

Step 1: One of the best alternatives for creating a free blog is WordPress. To create a new account and build a blog, you need to visit https://en.wordpress.com/.

By clicking the “Create a Website” button, you will be taking the first step to build your blog.


Step 2: After clicking the “Create a Website” button, a page for choosing your theme will appear. On this page, you need to choose a theme that you think that it’s suitable the content of your blog.

Here, you can make your choice by clicking on a theme that you prefer. However, you have the opportunity to change the theme of your blog later on. So, instead of the theme that you choose here, you can use different wordpress themes or purchase themes later.


Step 3: Another important step is to determine the address of your blog. In this step you need to choose a suitable name for your blog.

You need to enter the words that you want your domain name (address) to be into the box that writes “Enter a domain name or keyword”.

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An interesting and catchy name will help you in making your blog successful.


Step 4: After choosing your domain, what you need to do is to choose the right package for you.

If you prefer paid options, you can create a blog that has .com or .net domain name. However, we will be explaining the free package in this article.

If the domain name that you have chosen hasn’t been used by anyone else, WordPress will create an address with “wordpress.com” for free.

What you need to do in this step is to click “Choose” next to that address. (If you wish, you can upgrade your address with .wordpress.com to a paid domain name such as .com or .net later) WordPress for beginners make a website blog step by step


Step 5: After we determine our domain name, we need to choose the package that we will use in WordPress.

In this step, we move forward by clicking the “Choose Free Package” button. (If you wish, you can upgrade your package later)


Step 6: After choosing the package, we move on the creating an account for WordPress. In this step, you need to enter an e-mail account that you use and create a username and a password.

To not forget your username, we recommend writing your actual name or your domain name to the area that writes “Choose a username”.


Step 7: If you have finally created your account on WordPress, now you have a blog. Congratulations. However, your journey is actually starting now. From now on, you need to create new pages, add content and enrich your blog. For this purpose, the panel that you will be using is actually very simple and useful as you can see.

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You can publish your first blog entry by clicking the “Add” button on the “Blog Articles” below “Publish” on the left. You shouldn’t wait too long to publish your first article…




And if you are wondering how visitors will view your blog, you can simply enter the domain name of your blog.

For example, if your domain name is “x”, anyone can access this blog on x.wordpress.com. Both you and your viewers use this link.


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