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What is a domain name? What does it do? How is it taken? Methods for finding the best domain name

What Is Domain Name? What Does It Do? How Is It Taken?

What Is Domain Name? 

Domain name is the name, surname and address of a website. It is the equal of names and phone numbers for people or places. Internet websites actually consist of numbers that are called IP (Internet Protocol), which allows computers to recognize each other. They consist of names such as, or for people to use and remember easily., which was taken on March 15th of 1985, is considered as the first registered domain name of the world. You can view the oldest domain names of the world from this list.

Since this first domain was registered in 1985, hundreds of millions of domains have been registered. Every day, more than 250.000 domains are registered and almost 200.000 domains are deleted. In domain marketplaces, about 50 million domains are on sale and thousands of domains are being sold every day. More than 40% of the registered domain names are not being used.

What Does Domain Name Do?

Domain names are virtual identities that allow individuals, companies or institutions to exist on the Internet. All personal or commercial websites reach their visitors via their domain names. Today, the first step of branding in digital marketing is to choose a solid domain name.


TLD: Top Level Domains. They are usually divided into two:

  • Extensions with international validity, such as .com, .net, .org.
  • CCTLD (Country-Code Top-Level Domains): .tr —> Turkey .nl —> Netherlands .fr —> France

There are also other TLDs that are less used, such as .co, .biz, .info, .eu, .la, .fm, .in, .name, .edu, .gov and .k12. Besides these there are thousands of different domain types such as, .gov, .edu (for government and public institutions), .blog (bloggers), .tv (online TV broadcasters), .museum (museums), .io (R&D, tech companies), .host (hosting companies), .holiday (holiday companies), .club (clubs), .top (lists), .kim (biographies), .ist (local sites), .link (links), .pro, .online, .store, .top, .eu, .global, .art, .tech, .press etc. To find out all domain types, you can check out the domains list.

The most common domain names worldwide are .com, .net and .org. To get an opinion about the most popular domain names, you can take a look at the domain reports of 2018 by

Finding Domain Names

Before we create a website, the first thing that search for is the domain name. There are millions of domains on the Internet. It can be challenging to search through all domain names, list the related ones and view their information on the same page. For this purpose, there are various domain searching tools like,,,,,,,,, domainsbut. Another alternative for finding domain names 2019 is You can find detailed information about Dofo below.

Easy way of discovering domain names: Dofo

Dofo [] was founded by Macit Tuna and Sacit Tuna in August, 2016. The core team consists of 5 people. We had many different projects in the domain sector since 2004. Dofo is a talented search engine and information provider for the domain name market.

Which problem does it attend to?

The basic problem in the domain name industry, which is a very dynamic sector, is the dispersion and complexity of the data. We have developed Dofo for this problem. Our motto is “gather, process, and share”. You can search through all domains registered to Dofo and view all of the information related to a domain name in a single place.

Besides, we have launched [] last year, which focuses on domain name cases. DNDisputes has become a popular website that is being used as a reference in many sources.

What Stage Is Dofo At?

We have been developing Dofo for 1,5 years. We have launched the beta version on April 2018.

You can find detailed information about 330 million domains registered on; whether a domain is registered, date of registration, end date, owner, activity, sale status, prior sales and lawsuits are all provided as a timeline on a single page.

What makes Dofo different from other domain tools?

As Dofo, our fundamental difference from other solutions is our target audience and being completely free of charge. We want all Internet users to access the information related to a domain easily. Also, there are no solutions that allows such a detailed search about domain names.

What is the revenue model of Dofo?

One of Dofo’s revenue models is registration and sales intermediation. Also, we offer smart ads for domain registration firms and marketplaces. We will start to provide big data analysis services for domain registration firms.

Academic Aspect

Our team also continues their academic work. Some of the masters theses from our team include:

– With Detection of Malicious Domains with Data Mining thesis, we have presented a method that will detect the domain names that are used for phishing as soon as they are registered. We will release this study for public use soon to prevent phishing related security problems.

–   With Domain2Vec: The ML Framework Specialized on Domain Names thesis, we offer a structure where we can determine language, semantic similarity, predict valuation and trust score about domain names.

What Is Domain Name? How to Find It

We have started using all of the information that we have obtained with these two theses on Dofo. Also, we would like to mention that we will provide full support to all researchers and academicians, who would like to work in this area.

What are the goals of Dofo?

Dofo is still on beta version and it is still being developed. We are airing a new version every week. We are getting great feedbacks and collaboration offers from big domain firms.

With Dofo, our goal is to make accessing the information about domain names easy. For this reason, we will add language support for more ten languages. We aim to increase this number up to fifty in six months.

Besides these, we have various algorithms that we have developed. We would like to expand our team of data science and focus more on R&D studies.

Is Dofo a search engine?

Dofo is a free service that processes, analyzes and provides all domain names in the world. We can define this service as a “search engine focused on domain names”.


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