Best WordPress Plugins for 2019

The Bestest Wordpress Plugins All Time
Top Wordpress Plugins 2019, Best WordPress Plugins for 2019, 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2019, Best free and premium WordPress plugins

Top WordPress Plugins 2019

Best WordPress Plugins for 2019

10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2019

Best free and premium WordPress plugins;

Thanks to its premium theme portfolio, WordPress is an infrastructure for developing websites for various sectors, not just a blog creator. If we consider that 30% of the websites are being built with WordPress, it is possible to say that this is a very ratio as there are many free website creators. With its usability and wide customizability without coding, the significance of WordPress is increasing. It is implicated that WordPress will be used even more widely since it is open-sourced and customizable with various plugins.


You can resolve all specific issues that you may encounter and improve your websites with the WordPress plugins that can be used for any sector that you can think of, such as real estate, restaurant, rent-a-car or news websites. While you need to spend thousands of dollars if you hire a special software developer, WordPress plugins help you with adding great features to your websites with really low costs. You must install these wordpress best plugins after installation.


Here, we have compiled the essential WordPress plugins for you. We can categorize the WordPress popular plugins 2019 as SEO, Performance, Security, Contact and Mail Subscription, Social Media, Slider and Content Editor plugins.


  • Best WordPress SEO PLUGINS 

WordPress SEO by Yoast

If your website is not being noticed by others, your efforts kind of going down the drain. For this reason, it is vital that your website is SEO-friendly, keywords metatags are added, sitemap and analytic settings are adjusted. The SEO plugin, which allows easily completing these task, will constantly follow new SEO algorithms, update them and get you one step ahead in rankings. The most popular wordpress plugins 2019;




WP Smush

The speed of your website is directly proportional to the rate of visitors also visiting your other pages. This way, while your traffic is increasing, your bounce rates will be decreasing. Loading speed of a page is related to the size of the images on the page. With WP Smush plugin, you can optimize the sizes of images without compromising on their resolutions.



WP Fastest Cache

With WP Fastest Cache plugin, you can manage your website’s caching and increase its loading and opening speed to improve its performance. The plugin is rated 4.8/5 and being used by 600.000+ people.





You need to have a back-up of your website and properly store it. With BackupBuddy plugin, you can automatically back-up your website by determining dates and save your back-ups on FTP, Dropbox or OneDrive.




When you start to get successful and noticed by your competition, your possibility of getting attacks increases. For this reason you need to get security from the first days on. Sucuri plugin tracks down possible attacks. Even if you don’t notice it, Sucuri monitors your website 24 hours to log possible attacks.



Contact Form 7

To get feedback from your audience, you need to use contact forms. Contact Form 7 plugin is the most popular form plugin of WordPress and is a vital item. With this plugin, you can create as much contact form as you like, use separate e-mails for each form and create separate mail templates.



MailChimp is a mailing plugin that provides a free solution for 2.000 subscribers and 12.000 e-mails monthly. You can make your visitors subscribe to your mailing list and keep them noticed. If the free 12.000 e-mails is not enough, there are paid packages starting from 35$.




Easy Social Share Buttons

The incredible power of the social media requires your WordPress website to be connected with social media accounts. With this plugin, you can allow your visitors to share your articles, news and products on their social media accounts.


  • Best WordPress SLIDER PLUGIN

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution, is a popular slider plugin among WordPress users due to is usability. Most of the premium theme developers include this plugin in their themes before publishing them.

With the principle of drag and drop, you can easily design your slides step-by-step. This essential WordPress plugin has a powerful and functional design where you can place images, videos, texts, icons and graphs in various layouts.




Visual Composer

While we are getting to the end of the essentials list, we have to mention this plugin that will allow you to edit your pages like playing with Legos.

Thanks to its components, you can add any content that you like wherever you want on the page. The plugin allows you to add and manage various components such as title, text, image, video, form and icon.


How to Install a WordPress Plugin – A Guide Step by Step

With the latest developments, we see that there are over 52.000 plugins that are developed for WordPress. However, the ratio of the plugins that are widely used is really low when compared to the total number. Two most important factors that should be considered while deciding which plugins to use are the compatibility of the plugin with the business model and its performance.

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